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 Adult Learn to Swim (ALTS)

Our Adult Learn to Swim (ALTS)  program is a dream maker. 



This is where the dream begins for swimmers with no swim experience or past water trauma. You'll work with in-water coaches and in small groups to increase your comfort in and under the water. This allows for aquatic relaxation and sets the best foundation for your swim journey. 


Sample of acquired skill set:

  • Submerge completely and comfortably underwater

  • Breathe out underwater and resurface to breathe in

  • Float and recover unsupported on the front and back

  • Glide and recover unsupported on the front and back.


Once you complete Level 1, you'll move to Level 2. New EA swimmers may be placed in the level after a short swim assessment.

As in Level 1, you'll work with in-water coaches to work with the water and move the body forward efficiently. 


Sample of acquired skill set:

  • Kick freestyle and backstroke from the glide position

  • Use streamlined positioning to stay on top of the water

  • Coordinate arm and hip movement to propel forward in the water.

  • Complete the American Red Cross Competency skills

We will take you as far as your dreams will allow. 

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Our ALTS program is an introduction to Masters Swimming certified by USA Swimming.

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