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Our Momentum

2021 was a great inaugural year for the EA club. In addition to providing beginner level swim classes to over 100 adults, we also accomplished the following highlights:

  • Partnered with IAmWe and formed a men’s swim program

  • Worked with Central ALTS founder, William Kolb, to certify and equip 5 adult American Red Cross lifeguards. The response to this led us to create an ARC lifeguard program designed for just for older swimmers, breaking the stereotype that being a lifeguard is a young person’s game.

  • Trained 22 people thru our grant funded ALTS-Open Water Swimming program. This creates new opportunities for those wishing to enter the world of endurance swims, including triathlons.

  • Allowed 72 people to experience their first kayak experience.

  • Added two non-swimming water cardio programs.

  • Added much need lifesaving equipment to the pool (AED, backboard, breathing bag)


And we’re not slowing down for 2022 either. Our goals and aspirations include:

  • Expanding our programs to other local pools

  • Bringing national adult training programs to Charlotte

  • Hosting a “fun-tational” swim meet for first time adult swimmers

  • Adding a camping element to the kayaking program

  • Providing quality training in swim, bike, and run for entry level, first time triathletes and relay teams.

  • Acquiring land and funding to build and operate a natatorium pool to house our Fairmeadows aquatic family

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