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Our Momentum

When we started in 2021, we had no idea of the impacts we would make!

In our first year, we provided beginner level swim classes to over 100 adults, taught 72 people how to kayak, made friends, formed partnerships with Miller Swimming, Central Ky ATLSQCD, ATOM, and Fairmeadows swim club and found a family in the aquatic community. 

Our 2024-2027 goals and aspirations include:​

  • Bringing national adult training programs to Charlotte

  • Hosting a “fun-tational” swim meet for first time adult swimmers

  • Adding a camping element to the kayaking program

  • Providing quality training in swim, bike, and run for entry level, first time triathletes and relay teams.

  • Partnering with local artists to create high quality custom EA products for sale

  • Acquiring land and funding to build and operate a natatorium pool

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