Masters Advance I & II

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Our masters advance swimming is for every  body 18 years or older. We are staffed with U.S. Masters Level 1, 2 and 3 coaches. To fit your busy schedule we offer 1 or 3 day a week pool practice. From March-October, we offer monthly open water swim skill clinics. And to ensure no swimmer is left behind, all of our practices are divided into specific skill level classes. To participate in either, you must meet program prerequisites: 
Masters Advance I:

  • Can jump in water over you head

  • Resurface

  • Treading water for at least 30 seconds

  • Swim 2x 25 yards freestyle and backstroke

  • Exit the pool with or without a ladder

This is a low intensity, low volume practice that focuses on the basics. Ideal for all levels.



Masters Advance II:

  • Comfortably swim 3 out of the 4 swim strokes (3x25)

  • Familiar with all 4 swim strokes and dolphin kick

  • Able to use the pace clock

  • Able to read and execute written workouts with minimal coach input

  • Can drive off the side of the deck

This is a high intensity, high volume workout that focuses on building speed and endurance in all 4 strokes. Ideal for competitive and experienced swimmers
Visit the link below to register for the Masters Advance series. 

Open Water Swim:


This is a seasonal program. Visit us in March for more information and registration.

  • Can swim 100 yards non-stop at a steady pace

  • Comfortable in water over your head

  • Can tread comfortably for 1 minute

  • Able to float on your back while looking around