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L3/L4 and Open Water Swim (OWS)

Endurance Level Swimming

Are you ready for EA's endurance program?

As with all the other EA programs, you'll work with certified coaches and pre-written workouts to build your endurance, speed, and self-coaching skills. You also gain valuable swimming knowledge on techniques and strategies.

Our endurance-level programs combine USMS-based drills with Total Immersion techniques for a high-intensity workout that improves stroke mechanics and overall fitness. We coach using a progressive structure that ensures no one gets left behind. 

 What to expect at the Endurance Level:

  • Practicing the 4 competition strokes and underwater kicking

  • Using the pace clock

  • Reading and executing written workouts with minimal coach input

  • Stroke-specific drills and dryland conditioning

  • In-pool swim meets

  • Open water swim practices and clinics

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