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!Celebrating 10 Years

Join us as we celebrate 10 years of reclaiming our heritage and health through swimming. From Mahogany Mermaids to Evolutionary Aquatics, the adventure continues....

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Give Yourself The Gift Of Swim


Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills

​Learn To:

  • Submerge completely and comfortably underwater

  • Breathe out underwater and resurface to breathe in

  • Float and recover unsupported on the front and back


Level 2: Fundamental Water Skills​

​Learn To:

  • Kick freestyle and backstroke from the glide position

  • Use streamline positioning to stay on top of the water

  • Coordinate arm and hip movement to propel forward in the water.


Level 3: Stroke Development​

​Learn To:

  • Enter deep water safely and comfortably

  • Learn the 4 competition strokes

  • Read and execute written workouts with guidance from coaches on the deck.


Level 4: Stroke Improvement & Refinement​

​Practice Includes:

  • Competition-Based Practices

  • Stroke Development Clinics

  • Lap Swim

  • Open Water Swims

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Our First College Scholarship Recipient

Karina Morisset

  • Senior at Mallard Creek High School

  • 13 Years of Swim Experience

  • Swims competitively for SwimMac

  • 4 Senior Champs qualifying times

  • 3 time NCHSAA 4A Regional Athlete

The EA Scholarship Fund is awarded to high school seniors who are active in the swim community and intend to continue swimming in college, hopefully at an HBCU. 

Click here to read Karina's award-winning essay.

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Just Swim!

Are you ready to return to the water but don't know how to start?  Register for our Just Swim program. The weekly, low yardage, lightly coached class is for the experienced swimmer who needs to freshen up the gills before join the full on L3 practice.

Meet EA

Coach Nicole 

Vision and Mission
  • Vision: EA actively creates a healthy and equitable community that provides opportunities to celebrate diversity and inclusion through aquatics. 

  • Mission: We support and promote activities in, on, and around recreational waters for our communities.  We use sound education to dismantle the historical lies that surround the Black aquatic culture, and to encourage us to reclaim our aquatic heritage

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