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Breaking Barriers


"Our approach is not to just teach other Black people that they can swim but to also teach the rest of society that Black people can swim."

                    - Nadine Ford, Founder

Directed and Edited by:  Jacob Feldpausch

It's Open Water season!


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First Steps Aqua Clinic

What: Swimming is a life skill that everyone should have. But there is more to it than just knowing basic swimming skills. It’s about being water competent. This in-water American Red Cross Water Safety clinic, taught by Water Safety Instructor certified professionals will equip you with knowledge and skills to become water competent.

Where: West Charlotte High School pool

When: (pick one of 3 dates) 6/9; 7/21; 8/18.  12p-2p

Fee: $7 (plus 0.85 for transaction fees), which is applied to your tuition should you join our complete adult learn-to-swim program.​

For more information and registration click the below link:

Meet EA

 Butterfly Stroke Clinic May 2024

Coach Gia is demonstrating the Butterfly 2+2+1 drill. 
This drill improves the coordination and rhythm of your arms, body, and legs.


Coach's Corner

These videos are additional resources selected by our coaching staff to enhance your swim experience.

Body Position


Hand/Arm/Elbow Position

Rotation  to Weak Side


Stroke and Roll


Freestyle Technique

Vision and Mission
  • Vision: EA actively creates a healthy and equitable community that provides opportunities to celebrate diversity and inclusion through aquatics. 

  • Mission: We support and promote activities in, on, and around recreational waters for our communities.  We use sound education to dismantle the historical lies that surround the Black aquatic culture, and to encourage us to reclaim our aquatic heritage

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2024 Certifications

 All Evolutionary Aquatics volunteers and coaches are certified and trained by the highest standards in the adult swim industry.  Click on the icons to learn more. 

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