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Evolutionary Aquatics

Diversity and inclusion through recreational aquatics.

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Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills

​Learn To:

  • Submerge completely and comfortably underwater

  • Breathe out underwater and resurface to breathe in

  • Float and recover unsupported on the front and back

  • Glide and recover unsupported on the front and back.


Level 2: Fundamental Water Skills​

​Learn To:

  • Kick freestyle and backstroke from the glide position

  • Use streamline positioning to stay on top of the water

  • Coordinate arm and hip movement to propel forward in the water.


Level 3: Stroke Development​

​Learn To:

  • Enter deep water safely and comfortably

  • Learn the 4 competition strokes

  • Tread water

  • Read and execute written workouts with guidance from coaches on the deck.


Level 4: Stroke Improvement & Refinement​

​Practice Includes:

  • Triathlon and Competition-Based Practices

  • Stroke Development Clinics

  • Lap Swim

  • Open Water Swims

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Weekly Events

View the calendar below for information on our current classes.

Upcoming Special Events

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September 2023 Onward

Monthly Swim Challenge: Winner receives a custom EA microfiber beach towel

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October 14

US Masters FunvitationalA fun BBQ meet for beginners. Contact Evolutionary Aquatics.

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October 20 - 22

Lifeguard Certification: View the recommended classwork here.

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